Neck Protection Corrector Unisex Adult Breathable Exercise Cervical Heating Pure Cotton Bamboo Charcoal Body Care Tool |

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  Neck Protection Corrector Unisex Adult Breathable Exercise Cervical Heating Pure Cotton Bamboo Charcoal Body Care Tool




Spontaneous fever neck care, neck care can not only care for the neck, keep warm, but also continue to release far-infrared, negative ions. It also brings the thermoelectric stimulation effect of micro-current to people.





It does not reduce the curative effect and hot compress temperature due to the increase of the number of times of use, does not change the performance of the product, and can produce a sustained hot compress acupuncture sensation to the affected area.





The inner layer is pure cotton, the heater is nanocomposite biomaterial, and the outer layer is bamboo charcoal fiber. Bring you a safe and comfortable experience.





Nano bamboo charcoal fiber fabrics, imported nano bamboo charcoal fiber fabrics, good elasticity, feel full, comfortable to wear, strong sticking, no deformation.





Excellent flexibility, durability, comfortable wear, superior to only two-sided expansion knitting material of the general health belt.





Can prevent neck and back pain, soreness, stiffness, fear of cold, upper limb weakness, finger numbness and so on.





The far-infrared electronic neck protector has the effect of smokeless moxibustion. Don't let cervical spondylosis become a healthy killer.










Size:Uniform code





Color:Light grey





Texture of material:Mianhe bamboo charcoal fiber




You can use high-quality and environmentally friendly materials safely.

The product's characteristics can be maintained by repeated use and throwing during the service life of the product.

High-quality nano-bamboo charcoal fiber fabric, good elasticity, feel plump, comfortable to wear, stick firmly, no deformation.

You can share the pain of acid, numbness, swelling and pain.

This product can improve local blood circulation and promote metabolism.

Advanced magic stickers, not only easy to wear, stick firmly, but also exercise without restraint.

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