For Xiaomi Huawei Samsung Reloj Inteligente Smart Watch Men 320*385 1.78"inch Screen GTR ECG IP68 Bluetooth Call Smartwatch |

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For Xiaomi Huawei Samsung Reloj Inteligente Smart Watch Men 320*385 1.78"inch Screen GTR ECG IP68 Bluetooth Call Smartwatch Men


1. Full touch screen
2. Screen size: 1.78 inch
3. Screen: HD IPS
4. Resolution: 320x385
5. Charging Way: Magnetically charging


Chinese, English, German, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Japanese, Italian, Polish, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese.

More Than 100+ watch face on APP+ Custom Face

Bluetooth call,Custom watch face,Breathing training, dial push, stopwatch, brightness adjustment, multiple sports modes, sleep, heart rate, blood pressure,

remote music, remote photography, weather, search for mobile phones (connected to mobile phones), Bluetooth music playback

Professional Sporty Smart Watch

From now on, change your lifestyle Activity tracking Bluetooth call ECG Heart rate Entertianment

Where Style Meets Health

3D Curved Bezel-less Design
All-round Health and Fitness Tracking
Music Storage and Playback Amazon Alexa Built-in

Cool me, my heart moves

Business models change sports watches.Other watches can only change the strap, but I can deform。

Sleep monitoring

Accurately monitor sleep stages, deep sleep, light sleep, rapid eye movement period, nap, Take nap, perform sleep quality, Analysis to help you adjust to a higher quality sleep.

Narrow bezel screen centered, The flagship screen in the watch

2.8mm narrow frame, no chin design, screen-to-body ratio up to 91.18%,320X385 high-definition resolution.

Shining like a star, full-scale presentation

Finely crafted 3D curved glass, the body curve is graceful. We have also introduced diamond-like carbon coating technology on watches Make the screen scratch-resistant and wear-resistant, and increase the service life.

Four menus to choose from

Rich preset menu to satisfy diverse aesthetics List menu, icon menu, honeycomb menu, rotating menu With Transformers, there is always one for you to match, Every occasion needs.


Carry out the transformation to the end, highlight your individual style. Rich preset dial exquisite dial market, Meet the diverse needs of users.

Bluetooth call

Mobile phone synchronization of frequently used contacts. Use high-fidelity waterproof speaker, Bluetooth hands-free call, Push to the watch in time when the phone calls, One- click answering makes communic more free.

IP68 Waterproof

Has hard shell and durable PUR strap, IP68 waterproof, Have professional sports performance

Leave the Phone, Full into Exercise.

Professional sports analysis

During the exercise, you can check your exercise
time and distance at any time, Calories.provides the movement stride, the movement speed is and heart rate changes.

24-hour heart rate monitoring

24 hours a day Heart rate monitoring,realize [real-time heart rate monitoring] and [excessive heart rate warningl

ECG Monitoring

If you have chest pain, chest tightness, palpitation, hold your breath, Can use PPG+ECG technology Electrocardiogram is one of the commonly used clinical examinations

It has the functions of a flagship watch.

luxurious materials and exquisite craftsmanship

Craftsmanship, 48-channel CNC process molding, alloy case, anti-fingerprint Processing trengthening, mineral glass 3D mirror.

Blood oxygen saturation monitoring

Equipped with a newly upgraded bio-tracking optical sensor to support blood oxygen saturation monitor.

Being able to customize the dial is really smart

Support APP custom dial, Bluetooth transfer Scenery taken by mobile phone, Transform beautiful pictures into dial background

Make life more convenient, make work more efficient

Breathing exercise, message reminder, call rejection, SMS reply, time alarm, Mobile phone music control remote control mobile phone camera, stopwatch, countdown, find mobile phone, Weather forecast...

WearPro, ls an all-weather health management platform

The smart watch is connected to the newly upgraded WearPro App. WearPro is an all-weather health management platform,Can record various sports and body state data

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